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Euro Dollar Forex Trading Examples

Suppose the trader opens a forex account by depositing $50,000 into their account Let’s assume that the current price is 1.3500 in the EURUSD parity. The direction of the position that the investor, who expects a move in favor of the Euro, will take in the EURUSD parity will be LONG/LONG. 1 LOT= 100,000 Pieces […]


Gold Forex Trading Examples

Let’s say the trader opens a forex account by depositing $50,000 into their account. Let’s assume that the current price is $1,650 ounce in the gold spot market, and the position direction of the investor who is waiting for the downward movement of gold will be SHORT. In this case, the investor; 1 LOT= 100 […]


Forex Risk Management

Risk management is not done in cases where the most attention is required while doing business in the Forex markets. It is the necessity of an effective use of risk management by proportionately in the monetization process that is not taken into account, appropriately in terms of the investor’s planned leverage. As Exbi, our advice […]


Forex Trading Examples

You can reach the most links for an example of the multi-view application in Forex markets. With Forex trading examples, you will learn how to calculate profit/loss in forex products, and how concepts such as margin call and stop out are calculated. You will also see what the leverage factor does and how it changes […]


Understanding Binary Options

Binary options are a simplified form of options trading. Options trading can be a little difficult to understand, but essentially when you trade options, you are buying or selling contracts that give you the right, or the obligation, to make certain asset trades in the future. Binary options remove much of this complexity, allowing you […]


What Will Metaverse Change In Our Lives?

After Facebook’s rebranding with the name “Meta”, all eyes are on the concept of “metaverse”. This new word has not only attracted the attention of users, but also leading companies in the technology market such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft have started to work in the metaverse field. So what is the metaverse? […]


Investor’s Psychological Guide

The psychological and emotional state of users is an important factor affecting the amount of investment. If the investor enters a position with only the hope of gain and fear of loss or in an uneasy state, the probability of loss is very high, no matter how perfect the investment strategy. Focusing on success psychologically […]


An Overview of Binary Options…

What is an Option, What are its Types? What Does Binary Options Mean?One of the building blocks of the economic process is undoubtedly banks. With the guarantees it provides, loans and investment instruments, it ensures that commercial activities are kept alive. It also offers payment facilities with term options. Thus, the process continues. It also […]


How Did This Cryptocurrency Come Out?

“Governments all over the world have begun to load Central Banks, why is this?”. Of course, there are many explanations for this remarkable situation. When we look at the founding philosophy and basic duties of Central Banks, we can easily answer the above question: – Bank Duty Against Public Institutions and Government – Bank of […]


Knowing Where To Stop…

You probably started trading in a short time, thinking of thousands of dollars in your account. You hope for a good transaction that will bring you your wealth quickly and easily. So you can actually multiply a small capital by a fortune. Well, if these are some of your thoughts, that’s fine. However, don’t fall […]

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