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What Will Metaverse Change In Our Lives?

After Facebook’s rebranding with the name “Meta”, all eyes are on the concept of “metaverse”. This new word has not only attracted the attention of users, but also leading companies in the technology market such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft have started to work in the metaverse field.

So what is the metaverse? Is the virtual “universe” depicted in science fiction movies real? Is it a technological development that can enter the center of our lives like a smartphone and the internet? Before answering all these questions, let’s take a look at where the word ‘metaverse’ comes from and what it has to offer.


Metaverse basically consists of the words “meta” and “universe”. In this digital universe, which can provide users with an open world experience, the most extreme points of human imagination will be experienced. Each user will have an ‘avatar’. Thanks to this avatar, he will be able to walk, fly, swim, drive a car and plane in the virtual universe… In short, all kinds of activities that a person can imagine can be performed here. For many, the Metaverse will be a revolutionary technological breakthrough greater than the invention of the internet.


The idea itself is not new: The word and idea for the metaverse first appeared in 1922 in science fiction writer Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash. This cyberpunk novel depicts a three-dimensional virtual world where people represented as avatars can interact with each other and with artificial intelligence agents. Neal Stephenson uses the name metaverse for this virtual world in the novel.


metaverse; it still has not been brought to a level that can reach the end user, for now it is only in its infancy and continues to develop rapidly. Access to the universe seems to take place mainly with wearable technologies. For now, users can taste a demo of this experience with a VR (virtual reality) and augmented reality glasses.

In some laboratory trials, console overalls that can detect the controls of the whole body have been tried, but these days, when phones are reduced to pocket size, they do not seem very useful. Although, it seems that we will no longer need these wearable consoles with the development of technologies that can be implanted into the brain, such as Neuralink, the secret project of Elon Musk, which he keeps like a secret cube.

To better understand the subject, the 2018 movie Ready Player One can be watched. Or, as a small forerunner of the Metaverse, one could explore open world online games such as “Minecraft” and “Roblox”, which are hugely popular with kids.


Users will be able to own items, buildings and lands in the Metaverse, just like in real life. The infrastructure for their exchange is already ready. With Blockchain technology, both the sale and the authenticity of a digital object are guaranteed.


Users will be able to navigate the Metaverse via an avatar. If they wish, they will be able to create avatars in forms such as an exact copy of themselves or a movie, book character, robot, animal. In Metaverse, users will be able to organize collective events and parties with their friends.

In fact, users will be able to perform ‘missions’ in productions such as Ready Player One and Westworld. Sometimes a superhero, a king, an astronaut fighting aliens; sometimes they can be a pirate, a prisoner trying to escape from prison, or a big robber. Since all these scenarios are three-dimensional and real-time actionable, the experience will be very close to reality.


In the metaverse universe, face-to-face but online versions of remote working, lecture and meeting models that we are familiar with from the pandemic period can do. People can make real-time three-dimensional and interactive presentations through their avatars. Make eye contact with the audience and sit at a virtual meeting table.


Metaverse is an exciting technological revolution, but it doesn’t look like it will deliver all its promises anytime soon. When VR glasses first came out, the subject of Metaverse was a storm in the popular science world, but these glasses are already on the shelves due to the uselessness of VR glasses and the inability to produce a ‘realistic’ VR program.

The involvement of major technology and social media companies aroused a new excitement, and there was an expectation that the door of virtual universes would open tomorrow. All of a sudden, Metaverse crypto coins began to emerge in the market, and Metaverse-based shopping and land sales sites began to be created.

Of course, it is also possible for binary options to one day be in the metaverse universe. Perhaps the day Exbina will realize this is not so far away…