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What is Exbina?

Exbina is a forex institution that provides instant leveraged trading, proven its reliability in the markets, and has international awards.

What is Forex?

Forex is the abbreviation of the word foreign exchange, which expresses the conversion of two countries' currencies against each other. Over time, popular forex currencies, not commodities, stocks and cryptocurrencies, entered the forex platforms and started to be traded as a forex product. Forex market is the world's largest and most liquid market. Due to the leverage factor in Forex markets, the fact that even small investment amounts can be traded has caused the market to become so interesting.

What is a lot?

Lot briefly describes the trading unit in the stock market. In cross currency transactions in the Forex market, 1 lot represents a position of 100,000 units. The value of this position changes frequently.

Is there a demo account in Exbina?

Exbina offers a demo account with funds up to $100,000 for traders who are new to the forex world and want to learn.

What is the minimum amount I can invest in Exbina?

The minimum amount you can deposit to trade forex with Exbina is $100.

How to Trade Forex?

Forex currency trading works by taking a long or short position, depending on which direction the trader expects the market to move. With detailed technical analysis support from Exbina's investment advisors, you can plan the perfect entry point or exit and then put the strategy into practice. Both long and short trades can be opened simultaneously to hedge positions and further reduce risk or maximize profit opportunity

How Do I Get Started Trading Forex?

Trading forex is easy with the right brokerage firm. When examining the brokerage house that you will receive service from, you should pay attention to the speed of depositing and withdrawing money and order transmission. At the same time, commissions are important when choosing a good brokerage firm. It is very easy and risk-free to start forex trading with an institution like Exbina that has proven its reliability, with low spreads and commissions, and transfers money within 15 minutes.

Should I Trade Commodities?

Commodities can be a great investment as the pandemic causes supply constraints around the world. Commodities are driven by supply and demand, so prices could theoretically rise in the near term.

Which Commodities Should I Trade With?

The commodity market is large and diverse. Commodities range from gold and silver to oil and gas to agricultural products such as corn and soy.

Do you receive commissions from my transactions?

Exbina is a forex brokerage firm. Brokerage houses profit from the spreads in the transactions made. Exbina offers the lowest spreads in the forex markets.

How soon can I withdraw my money?

Your withdrawal request will be processed on the same day. Exbina difference is its speed and the privilege of instant transactions.

Forex How Do I Open A Forex Account With Exbina?

To open a forex account in Exbina, simply click the "Open Account" button and fill out the form. After uploading your identity verification documents to the system to secure your account, you can start trading in your account.

Can I Start Forex With A Low Capital?

Forex trading does not require a lot of initial capital. To start trading on Exbina and access the forex currency pair, simply deposit $100 into your account.

What is Commodity?

Commodities are defined as economic goods; an agricultural or mining product, an item of trade, or any other useful item of value. Common types of commodities that day traders are interested in include Natural Gas, Brent Oil, WTI Crude Oil, Gold, Silver, Corn, Soybeans and many more. Because there are so many different types of goods, they typically fall into three main categories: agriculture, such as food-based products, livestock, supplies, and more; energy such as natural gas, oil and others; and precious metals, including platinum, palladium, gold and silver. Any of these assets can be traded for their rising and growing value. In general, price fluctuations in all markets and assets are a function of natural supply and demand. Higher supplies typically lead to lower prices, while lower supplies can cause an increase in demand and therefore price increases can follow.